Mini Tiger Balm Oil Mint

35.00 kr

Home Useful Essential Tiger Balm Oil Mint (QingLiangYou in Chinese)
Ingredient: menthol, camphor, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil,camphor oil, cinnamon oil, paraffin, white vaseline, ozokerite, methyl silicone oil.

This 3g tin of tiger balm is a great size for your pocket or purse, ready and handy to be used to relieve the following ailments:
Muscular pains: dab for relief.
Migraines and headaches of light intensity to moderate: dab on temples for relief
Mosquito bites: to relieve the itch.
Cough: for respitory relief in application on the chest and the back.
Stomach ache: rub on stomach to relieve upset stomach.
Heartburn: rub on chest.
Head congestion: dab inside each nostril.

Rub gently on the effected parts. Only for external use.

Mini Tiger Balm Oil Mint

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