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160.00 kr

Item:Body massager, help with relieving muscle pain
Effective in relief of the following pains:Muscle,Back,Sprain,Arthritis,Joint,Headache,Bruise
Function:Reduce strains bruises sprains and common muscle aches associated with simple backache, arthritis, sprains, strains and bruises, as well as inflammation.

Family spare:A must for the family,and it is also easy to carry when traveling

1.Wash affected part and wipe it dry
2. apply plaster on pain plaster can be used for  12 to 24 hours
3.there should be aninterval of 3-5 hours before using the next plaster
4.a course of treatment is 7 days
Points for Attention: Topical use, don’t use on open wounds or allergic patients.

Infraröd klistermärken

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